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John E. Crutchfield III (better known as Jack to so many) began his professional career as a Photographer. His love for the craft of film photography allowed him to be passionate about each shot with particular attention being paid to the knowledge of the gift of light. After a few years behind the camera, he decided he could do even more for clients. In 1985, Jack founded Crutchfield & Associates as a full-service advertising agency. CA was built with the sheer determination of providing the best quality service to every client. Over the years Jack had great staff walk through

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BUSINESS Solutions

To give you the bird’s eye view of your Brand! Our consultation service covers small business structure (i.e., forming and registering the business), commercial insurance, bookkeeping and payroll, and taxation as IRS and NC State Certified representatives.


To show your Brand to your target! Media Planning and Placement for all Print, Outdoor, Online, TV, Radio and everything in and under the Sky advertising. Brands can be seen on blimps, aerial banners, in-flight videos, sky magazines and other traditional magazines and newspapers, websites, social media platforms and most likely more.


To put your Brand on blast–in a good way! Brand Identity on everything you can think of–literally. Outdoor and Indoor Signage, Window and Floor graphics, Branded Promotional Products with an unlimited amount of possibilities, Direct Mail, Event Postcards, Trade Show Booth Design and Booth Rentals, and so much more.


To give your target market Brand Experiences! We can do the obvious and design, develop, host and SEO custom Websites, Mobile Apps, Landing Pages and more. But can you imagine your digital brand in Augmented or Virtual Reality? Experiential marketing guarantees brand growth.

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Bernadette Trinidad
Bernadette Trinidad
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Check out what we can do: Create your brand identity. Breathe life into your brand, which in turn, brings a shower of buyers from across the land. Carry your brand through time and technology.